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Jessica and Michelle with one of their creations
Michelle Hallet and Jessica Geissler are the dynamic duo who often helps out at our makeovers by designing and painting beautiful murals at our ECD centres.
Michelle and Jessica’s company, Michessie, offers interior design solutions to corporate, institutions and private individuals.
And we are extremely lucky to benefit from their generosity as they offer their services to us pro bono.
Michelle, who has decorated boutique hotels, office receptions and college classrooms says of the school work: “It is the best thing I have ever done. I am thrilled to be doing it.”
She finds the job immensely satisfying: “You arrive at a dump and leave looking back on an incredible place that the whole area would like to attend – children and adults!”
She also lauds the slick operation under Bernadette van Rensburg and her “amazing” assistant, Herman Khumalo: “Bernie has a rare gift. She is able to get people to do things without them really minding. JAM is very lucky to have them. They are so, so dedicated, work extremely hard and they run it with precision. There a lot of people out there who could learn lessons from them.”
Michelle and Jessica used to get together and plan their designs, but nowadays it is more spontaneous: “I like the fact that we get to do what we want to do,” says Jessica. “We just get there and do what we think is best. Often it is quite difficult to paint on those very flat surfaces, so I like the challenge.”
Jessica enjoys interacting with the volunteers who come from various countries overseas and both love to see the children’s reactions after the handover.
“It’s a worthwhile way of giving back. It is not the children’s fault that they have to live under these conditions. So, it is nice to see them dancing and laughing. They are really cute,” says Michelle.
JAM is very lucky to have such professionals on board. Thanks Michessie!

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