We salute you

We salute you

Women of South Africa we salute you

In 1998, Selina Zondo, established Young Teddy’s Day Care Centre in Orange Farm, Gauteng Province. Although, many of the children came from poor, and sometimes broken homes, and the school’s facilities were basic and not conducive to learning, the children thrived. Under Selina’s and her innovative teachers loving care the ECD Centre became a much-needed source of pride within this poor community.

For over ten years, Young Teddy’s survived and despite the lack of resources and learning materials; Selina managed to work miracles. Then in 2009, the centre was enrolled in JAM SA’s Nutritional Feeding Programme. For Selina, it was as if a ray of sunshine arrived to brighten up the future of the young children she has devoted her life to caring for.

Through savings made from the money she used to  spend on breakfasts, Selena has been able to pave the front and backyard, connect electricity to her kitchen and established a bountiful vegetable garden.

Selina’s successes and hard work were noticed and in May 2013, JAM SA through the support of Rand Refinery was able to complete a ‘Makeover’  at Young Teddy’s. JAM SA’s Makeover Programme complements our Nutritional Feeding Programme as completed makeovers provide a greatly improved, happy and safe environment for the children to play and learn.

Since the makeover, Young Teddy’s Day Care Centre now has a four-roomed block of classrooms, a new kitchen and a sick room. Painted in bright, stimulating colours, the centre is now a vibrant and colourful space, perfect for inspiring young children.

Selina takes great pride in her ECD centre, knowing that all that she does is for the betterment of the children, preparing them for formal education. She embodies our vision of ‘Helping Africa help itself’, and we are filled with pride when our beneficiaries use their initiative and become the drivers of their change.

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